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    Where should we start 🙂 not much to say really my name i Helen i am 28 which is a big fat lie but that’s how old I feel ( 38 really but it’s just a number) I am married, have two boys and as much as i love them I can’t deny that they where the cause of my VERY saggy 32 B boobs that have now been transformed into amazing 32E/F bangers 🙂 by the wonderful Mr Traynor. I am a generally happy person who is always up for a laugh and doesn’t take myself or life too seriously ( we only get one shot at it…. live it to the full). So pleased I had my boobs done it has been the best thing i ever did and wish I had had the money and guts to do it sooner but suppose it’s better late than never hey xx

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    5ft 7
    10 stone
    size 10/12 dress size
    Boobs before 32B After 32E or F depending on style of bra.
    Before my op I resembled a human ‘pear’ really bottom heavy but now feel more evened out with the Dollys being bigger.


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