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  • Height


  • Weight


  • Bra size

    30 FF

  • Clinic location

    Anlaby, Hull

  • Procedures

    Breast enlargement

  • Surgeon

    James Haeney

  • Age


Patient Story

  • Why did you want the procedure?

  • Why did you choose MYA?

    I didn’t choose MYA I chose another surgery near where I lived but found this forum extremely helpful for information

  • How was your consultation?

    Consultation was great, discussed sizes and consultant answered all my questions and put me at ease

  • How was the day of your procedure?

    Day of the procedure was great, settled into the room, was introduced to my nurse, met my surgeon to discuss the procedure and sign consent forms before he drew on me. Was introduced to the anaesthesiologist, discussed how best to send me to sleep.

  • How was your recovery?

    Still in recovering, was very sick the first night from the medication, first two days post op have been tiering

  • Are you happy with your results?

    Extremely happy with my results, can’t wait for them to drop and fluff


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