Patient Story

  • Why did you want the procedure?

    Ever since I was young (13 years old) I knew I wasn’t going to be happy with my breast size. I have always been a small build and found it hard to gain weight and if I did it would never go to my boobs. I found it hard being in relationships because I was always so self conscious when it came to taking my top off. Holidays where the worst because I’d have to wear a swim suit and finding one that didn’t make me feel like a little boy was a struggle. So getting a breast enlargement was a dream of mine for a very long time, but I never though I’d be able to afford it so I just tried not to think about it.

  • Why did you choose MYA?

    A friend of mine use to work for Mya and told me about the finance plans. As soon as I found out about this I researched online and within  1 month I had the surgery. I knew mya was a popular company to go with and after reading story’s on here it was a no brainier.

  • How was your consultation?

    My first consultation was exciting, reassuring and I learnt so much about the procedure that I didn’t know a thing about. My consultation was with Julie from the Newcastle clinic she was so lovely, made me feel really comfortable to discuss why I wanted the procedure and also gave me an insight on what to expect through out my whole journey.

  • How was the day of your procedure?

    After waiting only 3 weeks after my first consultation I traveled to Preston where I was getting the surgery with Dr Traynor. I traveled down from Newcastle with my Mum the day before my surgery,I stayed in a hotel about 5 minutes from the surgery. The night before I didn’t sleep much because of the excitement, I got a taxi from the hotel to the surgery and from the moment I arrived all the staff at the surgery where so lovely! They brought me to my room. I waited about 2 hrs before I went down to theatre but because I hadn’t slept much the night before I slept them two hours to they flew by. Before I knew it I was walking down to the theatre room, it didn’t feel like I was about to go into surgery at all. The staff where so calming and just making general conversation about my job and what I do. And within 1 hr I was back in my room waking up from it all. My mum was sat at the bottom of my bed and apparently I just looked down my top and cried.

  • How was your recovery?

    I left the surgery about 3 hrs after I woke up and went back to the hotel I was staying in. I tried having a sleep but couldn’t get comfortable so i just sat up and watched Jeremy Kyle whilst stuffing my face! I drove home the next day which was a little un comfortable. It took about 3 days for me to feel well enough to get up and walk around. I felt a bit dizzy from the pills more than anything. My under arm and back ached a little bit but other than that I think I was very lucky with my recovery.

  • Are you happy with your results?

    My breast where quite swollen for about 2 weeks and my scars where red and scabby for a while,I am a smoker so I think that had a big part in it. But after a month I was so pleased with the results and I would do it all over again! I am now 5 months post op and having my breast enlargement was the best thing I have ever done. I am so much more confident in my self and I now have a partner who I am so happy with and he likes my new boobies as much as I do haha!


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