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    I have my initial consultation with Mya coming up soon. I’m planning on having at least £2000 saved up for my BA and then finance the rest. However I’ve just realised that the 0% finance option doesn’t seem to be an option anymore but still is with a lot of other cosmetic surgery companies?! I was going to use this as a back up in case the 0% credit cards don’t offer me a high enough credit limit. Am I right in thinking Mya do not offer this finance option anymore? I’m a bit disappointed as Transform still do it but I really want to go with Mya. Would be interested in knowing if anyone has taken out a 0% credit card and was it enough to cover your surgery? x

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    Hey Ash, were you quoted the price at your initial consultation? According to this website it still says there is an option (just under the finance calculator under the title “your other finance options”) or have you been told otherwise at your appointment? I haven’t had my BA yet but a few girls on here have said they saved half the amount and then done the 0% finance on the rest over 10 months xx

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    Hi Saff, yeah I seen that in ‘other finance options’ it’s mentioned in the testimonials? And I’ve seen a few posts on here about other girls doing this. But when I use the finance calculator it’s adding on interest even when I opt to pay it back over a year! That’s what’s making me think it might not be an option anymore. Will find out soon enough anyway my consultation is next week! Xx

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