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  • Tiff 11

    Hi all I had my surgery January 2018 and it truly has been a rollercoaster for me but a good one 🙂 i can now say I’m truly happy with my new breasts it has taken over a year for the to actually “drop” so I always hated them as they always looked so stuck on I think they have only dropped now due to being pregnant but I’m just glad they have my scars are still quite red but I have keloid scars so o think they will need a few more years to fully heal some bras still rub on them which can be painful but I just avoid them my boob are definitely a lot more sensitive now and it took 1 year for me feeling to come back in my actually breast as they was completely numb I think the best advice o can give to anyone having or just had their boobs done is BE PATIENT my boobs have gone through so many didn’t stages and I’ve only just finally felt happy with them sometimes they won’t drop as quickly as someone else so you need to be prepared for this so scars heal different and everyone’s experience is different as well try not to compare your boobs to anyone else’s as it will get you no where o did this a lot and would just make my self feel down about the things I didn’t like good luck to all you girls ?

    Monica 25

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    Hey Tiff, was the keloid scar due to the stitches healing and how the surgeon may have done it? Or was it something that developed overtime? Xx

    Tiff 11

    Hi hun I think it’s just the way some people heal I don’t think it was anything to do with the surgeon

    Cara 9

    Hey Tiff. I am 8 months post op and have keloid scars too, they are common in black and Asian girls- hence why I got them. Have you used anything to try and reduce them?c

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