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  • Marky 2

    Hi everyone,

    I’m not one for reviewing, anything, really in life, but let’s be honest a Nose Job is BIG, and, i really want to give something back, because i remember coming on here, well, going anywhere really for any advice / experiences I could get my eyes on.. I certainly needed it, and other people’s stories were a massive help. It’s only fair I give my advice, having had the operation just over 1 week ago.

    Okay, I’m going to get straight to it, I am VERY HAPPY with my result. Cast came off today and, well, i knew the result was brilliant within 3 seconds… didn’t need a mirror, took one look in the corner of my eye and the BUMP shadow that has haunted me for 15 years was gone. My nose is FINALLY STRAIGHT… FINALLY, STRAIGHT… finally… i look…. just like a better version of myself.

    I had open rhino with MYA and Dr Andrea Gianni… to have my dorsal hump removed, also had my tip shortened a bit to balance it all off… exactly what i wanted and Dr Andrea recommended. I’ll be honest, the initial consultation was very brief with the Surgeon, but he was straight to the point, told me what he wanted to do, and I agreed. All boxes were ticked, and MYA were really good and starting the ball rolling… I wanted this all done and done quick. I looked online for reviews of DR Andrea and ONLY EVER READ GOOD WORDS. All feedback was spot on, his professional portfolio was GREAT, he just sounded like the man for the job, no mess, i booked myself in with Dr Andrea in Preston.

    Now I’m going to be honest, MYA seemed very pricey… very pricey indeed. I originally only wanted to pay say £max, and MYA’s price came in at nearly £…. But, i researched and my procedure was more costly due to open, needed septo work also, bit of nostril shortening.. the full works…, over night stay included etc. It was obvious I was having the full package, and yes MYA were expensive it seemed, BUT , at the time, i had no other concrete quotes and I just wanted this signed off… ,maybe foolish, but my no nonsense risk paid off. I took the plunge because i liked what I saw, it nearly BROKE MY HEART SPENDING £K on myself, but this was something I just wanted done.

    I’m so glad i just went for it with MYA… because, as i said, I am REALLY HAPPY with what DR Andrea has done for me…. his work is NEAT and my nose is no exception. I only met him so briefly, shame I’ll never get the chance to buy him a drink or anuthing… but, well, in my experience, he is THE MAN.

    My care at First Trust Hospital Preston was FIRST CLASS. Can’t say enough good things about the staff involved. Won’t go into exact details as you have all researched what the operation involves, but my admission time was 8am and i was in surgery within one hour! No pain after, just discomfort… congestion etc etc, again i won’t go into details – let me just say its a LONG LONG LONG day staying in a private room on your own while you recover, but the carers were so lovely. You get a private room with bath, toilet, TV.. all included…. all i can say is after the op it feels like you have a tight peg over your nose and you can’t breathe… get through it. As soon as the packs come out things improve massively. Swelling yes… etc etc… you know the score.

    Back to my experience, again, a week later – it was worth the discomfort of being house bound for a week… just put your life on hold for a while, it’s worth it. Ive still got a long way to go, my nose is VERY SWOLLEN, BUT, i can already see a new me.

    So there you go, cannot recommend MYA or Dr Andrea Enough… i’m emotionally happy with my nose. I will say, seriously, if you want to get your nose done, seriously, just do it. Do it. Do it. No big deal… you can ALWAYS MAKE THE MONEY BACK, ALWAYS….get a few quotes with different surgeries and trust in the one that just feels right… in my case, it was MYA and Dr Andrea.

    Seriously, just do it. I wish I’d done mine 10 years ago, but I decided to finally do it as a 30th birthday present for myself, and as i wasn’t settled down yet… I didn’t feel too selfish about spending so much on myself. It is selfish, the most selfish thing you could ever do.. BUT IF IT IS GOING TO MAKE YOU A BETTER PERSON then it’s worth the investment of self love now. Life is just too short to worry about a bump on your nose… get it ironed out… move on. This is what I’ve learned. It’s no big deal.

    I hope my story helps others, as others helped me do this. It’s early days with swelling.. but the BUMP HAS GONEEEEEEEEEEE – all those days of being smashed in the face at football, broken, hit, smashed, i thought my rock nose was invincible.. But the great Andrea has managed to take it down.

    Going to attach some before and after photos…….. remember, early days but you will notice the massive difference.

    Oh, one last piece of advise for all you who go with MYA… take the DR letter seriously, get it sorted out AS SOON AS YOU CAN. GPs are a NIGHTMARE for this, DO NOT CALL UP, book an appointment!!! speak to them face to face – tell them you need a letter written ASAP saying you are in sane mind… do not get fobbed off by receptionists… NO LETTER – NO SURGERY!!!!!

    Peace out everyone and good luck to all. If anyone would ever like to talk to me about my story, i am ALWAYS here to give advice as I have been through it. Email me anytime M B L E G E N D @ G M A I L . C O M – Take all the spaces out guys ok!!

    Seriously, good luck!!

    Photos attached, please ignore the stitches, snot and swelling! All part of the fun.

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    Marky 2

    Can i also just add a special thanks to my beautiful Patient Co-ordinator Kayleigh and likewise nurse Anj for all their support and phonecalls 🙂

    Hanya 1

    Your results are amazing!! Glad to hear you’re so happy. I’m having Dr Giannitrapani for an open septo rhino in exactly a month’s time 😀 all I see is good things said about him so I can’t wait!

    Also, nobody has mentioned a doctor’s letter to me? When did they tell you that you needed this?

    Laura 12

    You look great! So pleased you’re happy with it. He’s doing mine on 10th may 🙂 I can’t wait!
    @hanya I don’t know anything about a letter either, I’ve definitely never been asked for one so I wouldn’t worry xx

    Marky 2

    Yeh sorry I should have said. You only need tom get a GP letter if you are requested to do so by the Nurse… this is if you have disclosed medication relating to a history of depression or anxiety – they want to make sure you are in a fit and healthy mind set come the operation!


    How soon after your consultation with the surgeon were you able to book your surgery?

    Adelle 2

    I had my surgery yesterday. Did it hust having the packing out im really worried about it


    Im 3 days post op with Dr Andrea and have no pian whatsoever 🙂 just discomfort thats all. I couldnt really sleep the first night but i slept loads better last night.
    My nose is all crusty and scabby (sorry for the grossness)
    What did everybody do to clear this out your nose? Theres all dried blood and scabs round my nose and want to clean it


    What did you do? I am 3 days in and the exact same

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