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    I honestly can’t believe it’s been a year!
    Just over a year ago now i had my BA with Mr.Chantarasak in the Highgate hospital with 300 CC Natrelle responsive overs.
    I was sooo nervous telling my mum about wanting it done as i was only 18 at the time but i was so depressed by my appearance i couldn’t go on pretending it was all okay and buying stupidly padded bras!
    Fast forward to my op and the staff were all fantastic, one of the nurses chatted to mum and put her mind at ease as i went down to have it done. When i woke up i cried cos i thought they hadnt done the op as i was in 0 pain, one of the nurses gently told me to look down my gown and there they were!
    After my op i was a C, and since then i’ve ballooned to a DD from a starting size of a AA. I’m 5″8 and 8 stone and they look super natural on me and get so many compliments from people who say they don’t look fake at all!
    Will upload pics tomorrow as i’m currently watching the tv, oops!

    – do not compare your sizes with other girls, we are ALL different and your surgeon trained for years to get where he/she is so have faith in them!
    – overs do not always mean the “fake” look, this is a myth!
    -ALWAYS take your pain relief, thankfully i had no pain at all and was walking to the shops within 12 hours
    – have someone with you for the first 24-48 hours after the op, you may feel light headed and will need someone to do things for you
    -have loose clothes for after your op, tops with drop arm holes are a life saver, as are pull up leggings/sweat pants
    – take things to distract you before the op and a bag of essentials (magazine, chargers, wet wipes, hair bands, water bottle and dry biscuits for the car journey)
    – have everything on countertops and not somewhere you have to reach to get, it WILL sting!
    – please please PLEASE don’t go braless or wear a bra when you’re meant to be in sports bra only, do you really want to risk damaging implants for a night out? nope!

    if people feel like adding me then please message me first, i have nearly 100 requests pending which i won’t be accepting due to no communication before hand xx


    ahh! you must be so pleased youve had no problems and everythings went well! have you had any issues with rippling? debating wether to get responsives or not! x

    Francesca -1

    i’ve had such smooth sailing its been crazy! healed perfectly and all sorts! Nope i’ve had no issues with rippling, i completely forget that they’re fake most the time as they feel and move like normal boobs!xx

    christie -1

    You was so lucky not to have any pain! Im slightly jealous lol xx

    Ruth 1

    Great post Francesca. Hope you don’t mind the add x

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