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    Hi Girls,

    Booked my BA on monday for the 17th November with Mr Singh. Does anyone know what he is like etc as not had my consultation yet. Wanted to have it done asap so booked straight away with Helen on monday. She was lovely. Feel really nervous about telling everyone especially family although not at all nervous about having it done.

    Jen x

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    Hi Jenali,
    Mr Singh did my re-augmentation on the 3rd June 2009. I saw a couple of surgeons before deciding but I was 100% happy and confident with him and much prefered him . I found Mr singh really understood the look I was wanting to acheive. He also answered any questions/concerns I had at the consultation in great depth ..which I thought was a real plus point.
    Mr Singh has been a cosmetic surgeon for many years and I have to say my boobs look fantastic…just what I wanted!!! So much better than my 1st BA with a different surgeon.
    Before your consulatation there is a book with lots of photographs of BA’s that he has performed, i found this really helpful and was very impressed with the work he had done(boobs of all sizes)
    Don’t feel nervous about telling your family, sometimes in life you have to make choices for you and what you want in life. My mum was not too impressed when I told her I was having my boobs done (1st boob job) but I went ahead anyway as it was something I wanted for me for a long time.

    I find it is always good to write any questions down you are wanting to ask at the consulatation , as you can easily forget to ask them when you are in front of the surgeon.

    Any questions don’t hesitate to ask,


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