19 days PO (tubular 34A/36AA + 350cc and 375cc mod+) On Profile :) Started by: Chris

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  • Chris 33

    Hullo lovelies,
    Meant to post an update sooner but I was waiting for my chest to clear up a little…super gross but the strapping and 2 weeks without a shower did not do wonderful things for my skin.

    Anyway, pictures are up!
    My recovery has been wonderful so far, showering since Monday has felt sooo good
    Needed very little pain relief (4 x a day for the first few days, maybe one or two a day for a few days after and nothing since), didn’t use any icepacks or anything…, never got the dreaded constipation….. I have gained weight though! I’m not restricting my calories or anything and obviously can’t exercise so that’s to be expected. Sure it’ll all come back off once I’ve gotten back to exercising! 🙂

    Hope you’re all doing well on your own journeys!

    alice 43

    They look great, changing so much! x

    Chris 33

    Thanks Alice! 🙂 x

    Kirsty 1

    I’m scheduled to have tubular breast correction in 2 months on the NHS with tissue expanders in both until I’m happy with the size and then silicone implants once the breast tissue has been stretched out. It would be great to know how you’ve got on with yours! Can’t seem to see your pictures. 🙁
    The surgeon I have been assigned is quite an odd character though and used phrases such as ‘bang em in’ referring to putting the implants in! So obviously not a big fan of the surgeon himself but I trust that the board has assigned the correct person for the job! He seemed offended when I asked if I could see before and after pictures of tubular breast correctives he’s done, it seems this is an option for private patients but not NHS?

    Did you discuss submuscular or subglandular options? And the scoring of the constricted bands before they insert the implant to open up the construction? My surgeon has suggested sub glandular but I’m reading that it’s better under the muscle to avoid the ‘high profile’ or obvious looking boob job.

    Feeling happy to have been accepted by NHS but nervous and don’t feel very well looked after to be honest. My consultation felt quite rushed and arkward.


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