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    Hi just wanted to know when u go for you 1st consultation with the PC does the surgeon see u aswell. And also can u try different implants on the same day. Do I need to take a sports bra with me or do they have them and vest tops. Thanks


    Hello, no you don’t see your surgeon or try the implants on with your first consultation. You try the implants on when you see your surgeon at your surgeon consultation x


    Hi ya Chazz
    You dont usually see the surgeon on the same day, but it maybe possible. I saw mine a couple of days apart.
    Yes you can try different sizes, the lady who does your initial consultation will discuss what youa re looking for, show you some size examples of before and after and then find an appropriate size to your desired outcome.
    They are very good at matching for you, even if you think they have it wrong.

    You dont need a sports bra, they provide you with all you need.

    I was very surprised that their suggestions looked just what i wanted.

    Any more questions, PM me if you wish

    Jemma x

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