225cc HP overs with ms Lutz but some of the staff at the Fitzroy were terrible Started by: Rae

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    Hi Guys,

    Had my op yesterday with ms lutz. I had a breast enlargement 225cc HP over the muscle. Very happy already .. can’t wait for the bandages to come off so I can see better. Ms lutz is what I expected, very to the point but that’s fine. I’ve seen her results and know she’s a good surgeon and that’s the most important thing.
    I live in Essex so my local MYA clinic is Chelmsford, had no issues there. The staff there have been amazing, very friendly and helpful.

    I had to travel to the Fitzroy clinic yesterday for the op and it wasn’t what I expected. I walked into the waiting room and I wish they didn’t keep playing the MYA adverts with women saying how they love their results, I just find it annoying. Another few people in there too waiting for there op, 2 people were lying on the sofas fast asleep. I did expect a slightly nicer hospital and rooms , I shared a room with another girl which wasn’t great, I feel that the chances are you will be sharing a room with someone even though it is made out it’s very unlikely and you’ll have a nice room with an en-suite to yourself. As we were sharing the tv’s were out of order, I guess they don’t want either of us to watch tv as it will annoy the other patient. Basically I just had a bed and a blue curtain pulled round me.

    When I was called from reception to go to the room my mum wasn’t allowed up as I was in a shared room (she could eventually come up later though) and the nurse that showed me up was really unpleasant .. no smile on her face, she clearly wasn’t happy to be there, did not make me feel welcome at all and that’s really not what you want on the morning of your surgery. I believe her name was Sandra. I overheard her speak to the girl next to me too and asked to girl if she had her granny bra that ms lutz likes and the girl said no she only had the macom one and the nurse was like ‘ooohhhh’ just little things like that.. it’s not friendly or welcoming .. I had a macom bra too, it’s fine to wear just ms lutz prefers the granny bra from m&s but we can have what we want. Luckily after about an hour I had a new nurse who was lovely, the complete opposite which was such a relief.

    I’m home now and feeling ok. Keep you guys posted on my results if anyone wants to see let me know.. after all the results are the main thing I just feel this let the experience down x

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