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  • Sophie141 1

    Hey girls,

    So I had my op 25 days ago I was a 32B and had 350cc, I was always worried that I was going to look frumpy with the new boobies and that I didn’t want to go too big as I am only 8 stone and pretty short. I am now so upset I wish I had gone bigger I don’t feel like my boobs look very big especially with jumpers on etc, people at work haven’t even been able to tell I have had anything done which as you can imagine is a little disheartening. I asked for a DD, I a, wearing a 32dd sports bra but I don’t feel like they look it at all especially comparing to other girls on here.

    Thinking about getting surgery again, has anyone else gone through this and does anyone know how long you have to wait until you can get it redone?

    Tracy 35

    Hun I’m really sorry to hear your not happy, contact your pc to see what your options are, I’m not sure how long you have to wait to have it redone, it’s still early days tho and I saw a post on here 5 months in and they had changed so much and looked loads bigger, don’t be to disheartened just yet x x x

    Abbey 4

    Hey sophie hope you dont mind the add im the same stats as you and getting 350cc but im worried they will be to big?:/ Do they look really small on you even with no bra or clothes on? Hopefully they will get bigger as time goes on! fingers crossed for you hun xxx

    Samantha 87

    Hey chic, i saw a photo on here the other day of a girl who shared a pic 6 weeks and then 6 months post op an the difference in them was amazing! At 6 weeks they looked really small an now they look huge! Wait until they drop n fluff an i bet youll love your results! Xxx

    Jane 9

    I had 350cc on 26th Feb and I’m feeling the same! I’m wishing I had gone bigger!

    I’m telling myself they are bigger than what I had and that perhaps they will look more natural etc but can’t help feeling a little disappointed…I was so focussed on not going too big I didn’t think about what if they’re too small!

    I guess as others have said its a waiting game to see if they get any bigger over time. I had partials so I’m hoping when they drop they might look a bit bigger. Mine don’t look any different to how I used to look with a padded bra on in clothes. But I suppose it’s me not padding now

    Ellie 281

    I’m the same. I was 32aa and had 375cc unders. I saw girls photos on here who had smaller cc than that and ended up really big. I was so focused on worrying I chose too big of a size but went ahead with it anyway.so glad I didn’t go smaller now I would of been gutted. I think I’m going to be a D. That’s the size sports bras I’m wearing now anyway at nearly 6 weeks post op. I ended up telling a few people because I was like omg they are gunna notice straight away but you wouldn’t even know I’ve had anything done! What I’m going to do is continue wearing the extra padded bras still lol xx

    Beverley 74

    At PO 25 days it’s far too early to tell if your boobs are too small . i suggest you read some of the stories on this forum from ladies who were in the same position as you , hated their boobs …. But after 3-6 months later their boobs became bigger Just be patient and wait to see what happens …

    Sophie 16

    hey Sophie! I wouldn’t worry or panic yet! It’s still early days and they will change loads in the next few months!! just try to be positive xx

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