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  • Bethany 11

    Hi everyone,

    I am just starting out my journey to the boobs I’ve always wanted. I’m a 32A and looking to be a full B to small C. Wanting them to look as natural as possible. And advice or photos of before and after would be great! X

    Anna Cho 1

    I’ll follow this thread! I’m petite (5’3 and 7st 2), but was a B/C before I had kids. Now I’m down to a deflated A/AA after years of breastfeeding. I’m getting 195cc unders in July, and am hoping to be about a B cup. I’m slim and athletic, and don’t want big boobs; just some fullness!


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    Hey ladies – I was scared of mine being to small but I really wanted the natural look. I’m a size 6/8, was a 28 B. Here’s my before and after pics. Latest one is 8dpo. So happy with my size as it really suits my frame. I had 245cc unders, teardrop.

    mp 15

    Hi, i got 225ccs 2 weeks ago. I am looking to go up to a large B or a c cup. At the moment they look bigger than i thought they would. They are still hard and swollen thiugh so just waiting to see how they change. I would not really go bigger than this as i also started off as a 32A.

    Megan 9

    Hey, I didn’t fit into a Cup size before surgery. I had 240cc overs. I’m 8 weeks post op and got measured the other day and I’m a 30DD.

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    Becca 14

    Hiya, I was a 28a/30a and had 240cc hp overs. I’m 13wpo and now a 28F/30E and very happy. The size sounds big but I think implants do measure bigger than natural boobs. Everyone has said how natural they look so they’re not out of proportion I don’t think!

    Bethany 11

    Hi Olivia and Megan, yours both look amazing and so natural! Olivia, what size are you measuring at now?

    Did you get unders or overs MP, would love to see your before and afters.

    Becca do you have any photos of before any after? they do some big but would love to see.

    I’ve got my consultation with the surgeon in June so will hopefully get a good idea of what size he thinks I should get

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