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    I’ve just been for my first consultation with potential surgeon. I am currently hardly filling out an A cup and want some boobs !! Been wanting them years and finally decided there’s no time like the present.
    I don’t want to go HUGE, I have a petite frame and just want to look/ feel comfortable in a bra / bikini. I feel like I always look bloated where when I look down there’s hardly any boob?? Anyone else the same lol?
    Anyway, this is a big procedure and I don’t want to go ahead and have regrets and wish I went bigger. .
    My surgeon suggested round, 250cc behind the muscle.. is anyone able to give me advice/ send some before and after photos with this size ?
    Thank you !! Xx

    Laura 52

    Hiya! I’m small framed too and had 275cc, just been measured as 30DD. Before and afters below!

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    Liv 19

    Hey lovely I’m also barely a 32A cup hahaha! My surgeon has recommended around 275cc/300cc either teardrop implants of High Profile. I completely understand what you mean about looking bloated all the time, the lack of boobage just makes it look so much worse no matter how much I work out.

    The thing is I want mine to look as natural as possible and really in proportion its just so difficult to pick a size xx

    mp 15

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    @cookj, I have my surgery on sunday. I am 32A and barely fill a cup either. I am going for 225CC tear drops. I am mentioned I wanted to be a C and no bigger at all. I think 250 will be ok but just might measure above a C later, if you are ok with that. x


    Im following this post if this is ok. I’m just over a month away from surgery and so confused with what to do for size.
    I’m a 32 a ( b on a good day) ! I have been told 300cc HP at my consultation as I wanted a very full C cup,very confused on sizes .If I have my surgery before you I will post before and afters and details of what I’ve settled for. xoxo

    Stacey 6

    Defiantly go bigger if you can!! You get boobie greed once you have them!

    1st BA I had 315cc HP under the muscle that was the max I was allowed as I was completely flat!
    I ended up as small 34c! They look really natural but have always wanted a little bigger and although very happy I still wore padded bras!

    Becca 14

    Hiya, I’m a petite size 6 and 11wpo. I had 240cc hp overs and went from a 30a to a 28F /30E. Don’t underestimate a small implant!!

    Megan 9

    Hey, before I hardly filled a cup I had 240cc and I am now filling a 30DD and love them! I was so scared before surgery that they will be too small and was comparing my self to other girls on here! Don’t think that the implants will be too small as they are really not

    Mollie 11

    My op is booked for Monday. I am a petite build UK 4. And I am currently 28AA going for 250 CC under the muscle round implants and Nectri said I’m most likely going to end up 28DD equivalent to the appearance of a 32 C on my small frame. ????

    Liv 19

    Hey girls, I’m currently a size 6, 32A and am hoping to have a natural looking augmentation without looking too stuck on.

    My surgeon has recommended around 275cc/300cc either HP round implants or tear drops. It’s soo hard to pick a size and shape because the implants look so different on everyone. I’m hoping to achieve a C cup too x

    Samantha 1

    hey 🙂 i just got mine done 3 days ago! I started barely a 32A cup and got 350cc teardrops asking to be a full size c. but i am 5’6.5 and 114 lbs so i am thin but tall. I noticed during consultationn my 350 cc teardrop implants looked barely larger than a 190 round size implant when I put them next to eachother. this was shocking to me but when i see someone who got 350 cc round implants they look like almost twice the size of the ones I have and i am still swollen ! 😀 just for some extra info if it helps i think if theyre round 250cc they will probably look super pretty

    Kelly 3

    Hi lovely I’m a 28 back too I’ve never seen any implants on someone so petit like us wondered if you had any before and after pics you wouldn’t mind posting. I’m booked in for July x

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