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    So haven’t been On here for 3 weeks because I felt like I was getting obsessed with reading about other people’s recovery and not mine…. my recovery was completely different to all the others I read that’s why it’s important to not get caught up on what you read and everybody heals/ recovers differently… anyways. My recovery was pretty good, the first 2 nights were the worst kept waking up really stiff and in pain but I stopped taking all painkillers 3 days after op which was pretty good!! Ive been bloated for the last 3weeks which has been horrible, it’s only been the last Couple days my belly has gone flat and normal again and I don’t normally suffer from being bloated so that was a shock, I looked 5 months pregnant for about 2 weeks but I literally love my boobs so much and I can see them changing everyday. Got one more week until I can take this stupid breast band off it’s the most annoying/unattractive thing on the whole world lol xxx

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    victoria 82

    They look perfect babe! So natural and suit your frame!! Amazing!! Love your tattoo also!! Xxx

    Alexandra 6

    Look fab! What implants did you get? Xxx

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