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  • Becky

    Hi I have my surgery booked for the 17th of February with ms lutz. My question is I’m now worried that 300 cc will be too small now with a uplift as well I’m a 34 d now but very saggy she said she wants to do overs but no more then 300cc feeling a little deflated today about it thanks

    Leah 5

    Hey hun I was a 38D very empty & saggy. I had mr Netri he told me 300cc hp overs… I was the same as I thought they would be too small. He explained that the heavier the implant the more likely they are to sag as the skin has already been stretched so isn’t as firm to hold a heavy implant. I trusted his judgement and very glad I did!! I had a full uplift with implants. I’m 8 week PO and now a 38F with lovely pert boobs 😬 happy with the size wasn’t expecting to go up 2 cups!! Some days they feel smaller than other days I think they are still settling in but 100 times better than they were and are now full which is just what I wanted xx


    Hi Leah thankyou for the reply. That’s made me feel so much better I just want to feel fuller and perky. I’m also having a full uplift high profile mentor implants. Fingers crossed I’ll be as happy as you. My surgery dates been moved back now after a call today about my surgeon. But it’s now the 16th of March. Can’t wait how did you find recovery xx

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