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    Hi I am now 11DPO and my boobs look absolutely tiny. I was a 32A before with minimal breast tissue, 325 was the biggest size I was offered so I decided to go with it. I have seen so many girls with implant sizes ranging from 300-350 and I have started to notice a pattern, I find that they only look huge on girls who are 32B upwards. So it is quite obvious that I will have to re-op in the near future to achieve the look that I desire which is a full D. I just think that when you are really genuinely flat chested you are going to need more than one surgery to be noticeably bigger, because right now there literally is no difference except for a little bump under my clothes. Even my mum who is extremely conservative said ”is that it?!” when I shown them to her . I really wish the surgeons spent more time discussing how you would like to look etc, I just feel that they don’t take your wishes into account, especially when you are spending so much money . But I will keep you guys updated, I notice a lot of negative comments by girls who don’t update about how they are feeling as I know it is really helpful when you are in the researching process, so hopefully I will feel more positive in the upcoming weeks and I will keep updating xx

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    just thought i would update to say that i feel completely different, i love my boobs atm and i can see that they are the perfect size for me. Hopefully i dont feel so negative again boobie blues is definitely a real thing . My advice is try not to compare urself to other girls especially if you have the same amount of ccs coz implants will look different on each girl, i will do another update with some pictures in a month xx

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    Hi. I hope you’re feeling happier about your operation now! Do you have any further update? This is also the size I have been offered (teardrop shape) and I am also a 32a currently. My operation is 5th September and I’m already doubting whether I’ve chosen a size which is too small for me. Thank you! 🙂

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