32A having 275/300cc unders!! Pics pls Started by: Molly

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  • Molly 5


    Have my op booked for the 14th July and I’m wanting to see results from girls who was a similar bra size to what I am now and have had 275/300cc unders!

    Also how was the pain after the op? I can only have a week off work and I’m just wondering if that is enough xxx

    Erin Guy 9

    Hi, I was a 30A and had 275cc dual plane. I cant upload my pics as didn’t get them done at mya but if you want to drop me a message I can send them 🙂 I’m 10 days post OP now and I would say it completely depends on how physical your job is. personally I didn’t really have any pain with them my chest just felt really tight and heavy! I work in a hospital and have to do a lot of heavy lifting so having 2.5 weeks off x

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