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    i also am having it under muscle. i have read that this will make them look smaller so should i go one up , i dont want to wish i had gone bigger! The op is booked but not for few months yet, its all i can think about and its only been few hours since i booked and paid deposit !xx


    Maybe you should order a size bigger just so you have the option to change your mind if you want to. It’s months away so you might have a change of heart. Make sure you discuss with your surgeon or PC about going a size bigger to see what their advice is, look online to see before and after pics of people who went for similar sizes and do that rice test to see if it would suit you.


    rice test ???? what is this?


    I had the same dilemma, and got my PC to order the next size up, because I just couldn’t decide. When I got to the hospital, I talked it over with my surgeon and he recommended the smaller of the options I had chosen and so I went with his suggestion. He was soo right – these guys really know what theyre talking about!!! Always ask their opinion…but definitely do the rice test.


    Oh and the rice test is filling a sock or some tights with the same amount of rice as the size of your implant. Measure it out in a measuring jug as It’s a liquid volume. x


    thanx for ur comments and i will certainly do the rice test. i will disuss it further. what was you daniellerachel before and after and do u now feel like they are big enough, do they look big xx


    hello ladies,
    I have been to see DR Adamo today and have chosen to go for 340cc. i’m a 32a and and now not sure whether to order one size bigger in case, as im still debating to go bigger. I want them big but not too big where they look stupid against my figure. I’m 5’9 8/10 anyone got any advice??? Anyone out there same as me who has had the op??? HELP HELP HELP!

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