360 HP unders 1 week post surgery mixed emotions…! Started by: Kaye76

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  • Kaye76 18

    Ladies I need some reassurance please………..
    I had my breast enlargement last Wednesday, I was surprised at well I felt afterwards but also a little shocked that the surgeon had put in implants bigger than we had agreed on. My only concern before surgery was that I didn’t what huge boobs, I’m very active, love running, I just wanted normal/ full/ non saggy ones if you know what I mean. Exercise, weight loss and breast feeding had left me with just saggy skin and struggling to fill a padded A cup bra.

    We agreed on hp over the muscle 325cc, but I’d also said if possible I’d prefer to go smaller 300cc and what I actually ended up with was 360cc. The surgeon said he had to go bigger to fill the lose skin which is fair enough, I’m happy with his explanation and totally trust his opinion.
    The problem is they feel so big and high up, like they’ve been stuck on……….. I’ve hardly looked at them as I’m trying not to stress myself out, I know I need to be patient, they need to settle, they’re still swollen but just wanted some reassurance as my emotions are all over the place.
    My poor husband hasn’t even had a viewing yet as I’m worried he’ll think they look ugly, jesus if I don’t like them then I can’t expect him too!
    Your thoughts ladies would be appreciated.
    p.s I’ve posted some pre-surgery pics (see what I mean about sagging) and some 1 week post op pics
    (sorry don’t know how to hide the nipples but after 2 kids I’m not that shy)

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    Chantelle 62

    How are the boobies now?. Any updated pics?

    Kaye76 18

    @chantelle – Settling in nicely thanks!
    They’ve softened and dropped a bit, plus I’ve got used to them now and I’m able to sleep on my side.
    Being able to wear nice pretty bras also helps, got measured as a 32E/ 34DD but to be honest they don’t feel THAT big and those who didn’t know I was having them done don’t seem to have noticed, or if they have they’ve not said anything. One nipple is still very sensitive and the other is numb but I’ve been assured this is normal and it can take 3-6 months to get back to normal.
    I need to take some updated pics, not done any for a few weeks, I’ll add them when I do!

    lala111 79

    They look lovely in every way! Can’t believe you didn’t like them at first, I actually think they fit you perfectly and are ideal for your body frame, enjoy them xx

    Kelly 14

    I think they look lovely! I know what you mean though, when they’re first done it feels so alien and stuck on! – it’s also the side boob that gets a little getting used to too but looks fantastic! I’m the same size as you, 34 DD and was a 34 A before. I’m 14 months post op now, they have dropped but still quite round looking wearas you has losser skin than I did so think yours will look much more natural. K x


    Hi. They look great. Did you have an uplift as well? X

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