4 months post op – sooooooooooooooo happy!! Started by: Georgiahxx

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  • Georgiahxx 4

    Hi girls,

    I haven’t posted here in a while so thought I would give everyone a little update.

    I had 420 overs from a B cup and was measured a D, I love them!
    At first I felt so gutted that they weren’t bigger but now I sometimes think I could have gone smaller.
    They look so natural, its hard to imagine what they were like before.

    It is bad to say but I have reached a point now where I am thinking about what to have done next… really want my lips done but my boyfriend said no!

    Hope you’re all enjoying your boobies and if you haven’t had your operation yet GOOD LUCK although you don’t need it as you will be fine.


    Beckii 50

    So pleased to hear your happy and healed well 🙂 congratulations 🙂

    Janine 15

    That’s soo good to hear, glad you really like them x

    Mia 17

    I can relate soooo much with wanting more stuff done lol. I never realized this kind of happiness and security was possible! And I’ve asked my boyfriend to take me to get my lips done for my birthday next month but I doubt he will haha 🙂
    So glad you’re happy with them 🙂 xx

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