400cc breast enlargement Started by: Holly

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  • Holly 7


    I just had my surgeon consultation, I’m undecided between sizes I’m currently a small DD/E and I am undecided if to go for 400cc or 375cc and I was wondering if anyone has any before and afters with similar sizes to me please!

    Thank you!

    Ashlea 1

    Hi Hollie, I had mine done last week and had 400cc, I was a 32D before and my surgeon recommended no bigger than 400cc. I was so undecided weather to go for 375 or 400 but would definitely recommend going the biggest. The actual difference between the two sizes is very minimal so I’d just go for it! Xx

    Holly 7

    Ah thank you! Yeah that’s what I was thinking to just go the bigger size as it is such a small difference between the 2 sizes xx

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