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    hiya kirstie

    I had my op a week ago i was a small 36B and i have had 410 cc partially under muscle! I am 5ft 6 and weight about 10 stone 9, I am still filling a DD bra and i think that i will stay that. went le senza yesterday and she said DD or E bra’s depending on what style will fit me. my boobs are softening up so dont think there mega swollen anymore.

    My friend is smaller frame than me she is about a size 8 and she had same implants as me and she too is a DD about 3 months on.

    Hope this helps

    x x x


    Thanks Nicky,

    Your info has been helpful…i am so excited!!
    Can I also ask, a week on from your surgery are you back to normal everyday activities? I have taken a week off work (work in a bar) and wandering if this will be enough time.



    Hey Kristia
    i had my BA 5th June
    im 8 stone 8ish
    5ft 5
    size 8
    and was a 34A/ smallB
    and i had 410cc! He told me that i would be a D and im happy with the size of mine, defnitly a D. i took a week off work (thats all i could get) i think a week would be enough, 4 days on and i do feel alot better, i have more movement and the pains not so bad. i was guna go for 380cc but mr Kazzazi told me there isnt much difference between that and 410. Hope this helps xx


    The day i came home i was very uncomfy felt very heavy! i found sitting with pillows behind me and under both arms helped! was out for luncht hen next day, yes i was very aware of them but certainly didn’t need to stay in bed or anything. I have been out and about today driving for last 2 days cant lift anything heavy because dont like sensation i get on my cuts they feel really tight! Haven’t had any pain killers for quite a few days only really took them to knock me out in bed, im dying to sleep on my side but cant. I have 2 kids age 3 and 5 and did the school run today no problem, think your body will tell you when you have done to much x x x


    im 34b having 460s under makin me 34dd.xxxx



    I was a 34B & had 470 HP round unders…. Im measuring an F

    Kerry xx


    I am booked in on the 19th June with Dr Singh. During my initial consultation i was very reserved about the size I wanted to be and Dr Singh suggested i have 410cc to have a decent cup size C/D. I am 172cm, 73kgs and currently 36b. Having gone away and now reading the discussion forum, I am considering a larger implant size maybe 460cc, I am now wanting to def have a decent size D, maybe DD. I am wandering if anyone can tell me what I should do. I have booked another quick consult with Dr Singh to discuss size further.


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