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    Heyy 💖
    I thought I would share my experience as reading everybody else’s stories on here has been a massive help to me and prepared me so much for my surgery. Even deciding what size to choose and looking at before and afters it has helped me a lot.
    I had my surgery on 18/09/20 and went for 450cc round mentor high profile under the muscle. I told the nurse who was looking after me I was really anxious about waking up in pain,she told the surgeon and the anesthetist who told me they would inject me with some local anesthetic before I woke up so I wouldn’t feel no pain. I went down to theatre about 1:45 and I woke up at 3:15 with no pain just a heavy feeling on my chest, I left to go home with painkillers by 5.30pm. The first night I made sure i kept on top of painkillers and had a bit of burning and pain under the arm but nothing that wasn’t bearable. Today I have only taken painkillers once this morning as I felt a bit stiff when I woke up and I have managed to Clean up a bit and I feel a lot better today. Yesterday my right boob felt more and swollen than the left and I noticed it was not as tight on the strap, I tightened it up lastnight and it’s actually helped I think the tighter it is actually helps with the swelling in my option. I will
    Upload some before and after pics as I know how much this helps 💕and if anyone has any questions I’d be happy to help 💕

    Samantha 4

    Hi where did you have your surgeon at? Could I see some before and after pics please ive got mine q9th next month n so nervous about goibg under n how ill feel when waking up x

    Samantha 4

    Thanks jodie ive choose 375cc uhp round unders ive literally got nothing smaller than aa xx

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