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    Hi ladies, I’ve been posting throughout my BA experience as I loved/ and still am loving reading everyone’s journeys and being able to find out as much information as possible! On the 10th of May I had 450cc of UHP of round silicon unders, they have changed so much since Day 1 it’s a rollercoaster of changes both emotionally and physically! At the moment they have definely gone through a process of dropping and fluffing and are being much softer and squishier especially around the top of the implant, I can definetly feel the bottom of the implant now so from what I’ve been reading I’m assuming it’s not dropped into the pocket and the muscles have relaxed? One thing I will say is whether it is down to my chest muscles, having UHP or because I’ve had unders I do have a lot of side boob which is very strange for someone who could barely fill the cup of my bra before haha but I am loving it! that is the only area that has got 100% sensitive feeling yet but I can still feel dull sensation when I touch it. Overall they are beginning to resemble real boobs, they can squish together, jiggle and my nipples are completely back to normal, but they do have to round, full, slightly fake look I was going for can’t wait to see how the change as the months go on! Feel free to leave any questions! Xx


    Hi Tracy, what size were you before and what are you now?


    @tracy I’ve also had uhp and coming up to 4 week on Friday. They are definitely softer but I need them to shift more to front as I am all side boob too. I feel flat in clothes and am sourcing unwired padded bras? ! I do like them but I’m impatient to enjoy the summer with a good vest top look with lots of front ! X

    Tracy 8

    Hi ladies I don’t know how to tag people sorry! I was a B cup before and and now I’m a 30FF sammi 🙂

    Jen I know what you mean at first when I was wearing my compression bra I felt like it was squashing me in and making my boobs look smaller, I’m 6 weeks post op now and all I can say is it gets better, especially when you are wearing a proper bra, it makes such a difference! I think the move to the front definetly occurs when they become more squishy! Happy healing 🙂 xx

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