5months post op boob burning?! Started by: Ellie

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  • Ellie 280

    It’s not constant but it’s for a few hours a day where o get a burning sensation. My right side hasn’t got it at all. On the side where my boob burns I can never get my bra to sit comfterble either.. I’ve googled it and it says it’s the start of capsular contracture which I’m hoping not!!
    Not sure il get answers on here as people seem to dissapear a little while after the op but thought it was worth a go xx

    Amber 72

    Hi hun, I’ve not had my op yet but if it’s a concern for you ring up the nurse and see what she says. Dont Google your symptoms because the worse will always come up, I’ve learnt that from past experiences ?. I hope everything turns out fine for you x

    Beverley 74

    I would definitely ring the nurse for advice .i’m 4 months PO and I don’t get any burning sensation in my boobs .

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