7 week update & new photos on profile (34A/36AA to 36D) Started by: Chris

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  • Chris 33

    Hey all,
    Hope you’re all doing well.
    I’m 7 weeks today, got measured last week in M&S as a 36D. Bought a load of bras and then had a period, boobs got swollen and all my bras were giving me dents… and I got a couple fresh stretchmarks too. So, I now have bras that are juust for certain times of the month too..
    Other than that… They’re softening up nicely, starting to get jiggly. Incisions look awesome – when they’re visible they actually just look like a mark from wearing a bra.

    Anyway, in case any of you wondered my username is operationswimsuit because I have been so ashamed of my body in a swimming costume that I haven’t been swimming in about ten years…and I LOVED swimming.
    I just bought a swimming costume & can’t wait to get back in the water. This is the best thing I have ever done. I know my breasts aren’t perfect even now (Slightly tubular, odd nipples which I wouldn’t let them change..) but I really don’t care. So happy.

    Hope you all have as positive a journey as I did!



    Hey Chris I’ve just added you hope you don’t mind! I’m the same size now as you was! Was size implants did you have?


    What* X

    Chris 33

    Hiya Megan,
    Just accepted you 🙂
    I had 350cc round mod+ in my left and 375cc in my right. Right still has a bit of dropping to do so it looks slightly smaller still, but I don’t mind – it meant that when I got measured the woman thought my boobs were real! (Because natural breasts tend to have one larger) x

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