8 weeks in and scared to part with my post op bra, HELPPP Started by: soph

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  • soph 11

    Ive been given the go ahead and wear normal bras and be able to be a little bit more normal but I just can’t seem to feel ‘normal’ and wear a proper bra. All this being so so careful for so long has made me paranoid to be normal again.. has anyone else experienced this or am I crazy??? 🙁

    Rhianne 3

    Hello! I’m 8 weeks post op on Friday and I feel exactly the same 😩
    I haven’t been bra shopping yet and I’m desperate to but the paranoia is bad!!
    I’m panicking over wearing something other than my post op bras thinking that they are going to drop to my knees haha!!
    I know they won’t though. I think as long as we wear our support bras every night we will be absolutely fine.
    We need to get over our fear xx

    soph 11

    I’m so glad it’s not just me.. it’s drilled into so much to wear it constantly that now I don’t wanna take it off!! bloody paranoid about everything I do! we’ll get there though I’m sure xx

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