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  • Ella

    I’m just querying whether I would be ok to go bra less for a night out il be 5 weeks po and I’m going the races for grand national, really struggling to find an outfit at the moment as I was intending to wear sports bra but this is proving difficult! Any advice would be great x

    Rachel 7

    Hi Ella, I’m going to have the same problem as you. I’ve got a wedding to go to 3 weeks after I have my op (didn’t plan it very well!). I’ve been looking for dresses for ages and have just found one that would hide my sports bra that I like: . I don’t think that I’d be able to go braless after 3 weeks but you may be okay as it would have been a bit longer for you. It’s so hard to find a nice outfit that hides a sports bra! Sorry I couldn’t be of more help! xx

    Xx..A..xX 81

    I went bra less just over 4 weeks PO for NYE! I took my Macom in my bag with me just in case but didn’t need it! I was fine and had no pain the next day xx

    Ashleigh 27

    I was bra less on week 2 and I have been at least once a week since then! I know I probably shouldn’t but I’ve had loads planned and I’ve been fine! Xxxx

    Jane 9

    You’ll be fine I bought a non wired soft low cut crop type type bra and wore that under a dress. Not hugely supportive but was fine for a night out

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