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    Looking for some advice desperately! I am almost 22 years old and very unhappy with my breasts. I hate taking my bra off for my boyfriend, I never wear any clothes unless it has long sleeves so that I can wear a bra and I am already stressed and crying about going on holiday with a group of friends and having to wear a bikini around them. I have quite big boobs but they are so saggy / no upper fullness and my areolas are huge. I’m probably a 34 DD/E but i’ve never been properly measured. I have obsessed about getting them done for well over a year and half now realising that I could probably afford them now but everything I read says you should have kids first before getting them done. Im only 21 / nearly 22. Although I want kids in the future, it’s still a few years away for me. I am worried that surgeons are going to tell me to wait till i’ve finished having children or risk my breasts sagging and needing re done but I also can’t cope with another 4-5 years of my life being so unhappy and insecure.

    Has anybody had an uplift with implants young, and then had children, and your breasts have remained fine? or where you are still happy with your results? Or should I wait till i’m finished having children?

    Any help is much appreciated x


    Hey, I’m 23 and I just had uplift and implants. My experience was similar to you, I hated my boobs and never wanted to let any of my exes see them and felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. I’m 3 months post op now and honestly its the best thing I’ve ever done! I have so much confidence now, I’m literally always getting them out.

    When I had my consultation my surgeon (Mr Mileto) didn’t say anything in regards to having kids, apart from that having an uplift means you won’t be able to breast feed. But the way I saw it, you’re going to have your best body and best boob years before you have kids so you may as well make the most of it now! Feels like such a big weight is lifted having the insecurity gone, I say go for it xx


    I’m 1 day post surgery after having an uplift with implants. I’m 28 years old and have been looking to get my boobs done since I was 18. All I can say is I’m so glad that I waited until after having kids as your body changes so much! I honestly think I wouldn’t of been as happy with the outcome as I am now if I would of got them before children. Each to their own tho and if it’s something that’s really getting to you then maybe have a consultation and discuss all your worries? If you can hold out then do it because you will be happier in the long run
    Hope this helps x


    I’m 28 and just had mine done And honestly it’s the best thing they look incredible and I’m only 12 days post op!
    Don’t be out of by age just go for it if it helps you x


    I’m having an uplift with implants in 3 weeks and I’m so excited! I’m only 26 and have not had kids. My surgeon said they may sag slightly again as I get older but that Is natural with any age and the potential of having children.
    My surgeon said I’d be able to breast feed even though I’m having an uplift and nipples made smaller. He said I may loose some sensation in my nipples but in all honestly that is nothing compared to hopefully how this procedure will change my confidence.
    If it is something that is really bothering you, it’s worth having a consultation and just seeing what they say.
    I’m sorry that you’re feeling insecure, especially with the thought of going on holiday and being in a bikini, I’ve definitely been there, you’re not alone.
    I hope you make the right decision for you xx

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