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  • Hannah

    Hi everyone! I’ve been looking into rhinoplasty and need some advice. The thing is I have an average nose! I only want to make a small improvement to get rid of my bump and make my nose slightly smaller in size! All the before and after pics I’ve seen are so different, is there anyone that’s had this surgery that’s just had a small change to their nose size? I feel like it’s a silly question but I need to ask haha

    R3gina 13

    Hi Hannah feel free to add me , I had Rhynoplasty & BA on 29 March as I had a bump as well and tomorrow will have my Cast off and will upload lots of photos. Xx

    Carly 2

    Hey hun. Hannah did u go ahead with the op? I’m still researching and looking into rhinoplasty too. I am after the same procedure that u were after. Hop and it all went ok if u did. I hope u 2 girls don’t mind me adding u both x x

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