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    had a BA 2 months ago and everything has been fine , but couple days ago i noticed a small bleed and small hole ( less than 1cm ) on where the incision was made. Has any one else had a similar problem?

    Thanks x


    Hiya, I have not had this problem but you must see the nurse. This should not be happening.

    I have had 2 boob jobs one 10 years ago and one yesterday. The stitches dissolve ….I wonder if you have ruptured the scar tissue. You must get it checked out immediately to avoid infection getting in there. In the meantime dont wear moisturiser,fake tan or deodorant near the boob in question and keep it clean and covered. If you have been wearing an underwired bra this could have done this????

    Let me know how you get on



    Actually, I’ve had a different op, and was told that scars can open , yikes

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