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    Well girls i had my op on Tues with Mr Traynor.

    I arrived an hour late as got mega lost, was not a problem the nurses was even on phone trying to direct me there, I completly lost it a couple of time and nearly turned back home. anyway finally got there at half 8, within about half an hour Mr Traynor came in wipped my top off drew all over my chest and threw my gown on, he was really lovely so down to earth and really made me feel at ease. Then a nurse came in and took details off me had to sign a few forms then the guy who put me to sleep came in he was lovely too and just talked about what was going to happen etc. then within minutes a lady came in to walk me down to theatre.

    Woke up in recovery room with mega hick ups feeling as high as a kite then got wheeled back to my room.

    I am so pleased with the results look natural already went from 34 small b and i have had 410 cc implants and im wearing a DD sports bra. He went partially under muscle. My friends told me i wouldn’t be able to lift my arms up etc I actually managed to have a shower obviously avoiding getting my boobs wet just took shower head off. I even took my gown off myself and had to thread to threw and over the drip stand then put an over the head nighty on because it was so hot. I had a drip because the anasthetic made me a bit sicky!

    I ate steak chips and pepper sauce at about 8 oclock and every few hours during night the nurse came in with pain killers and ice packs.

    Came home yesterday and just rested find it really hard to get up but its no where near as bad as i thought it would be.

    I highly recommend Mr Traynor yes he is very quick in consultations etc but there is something about him that makes you feel at ease.

    I had a uncomfortable nights sleep last night so got up about 4 and got on couch which was much better.

    Im so pleased x


    I’m so happy for u!

    laurajc 1

    so pleased your happy with them wish i nearly had my money together so i could get mine done xx


    wow – you must be soooo pleased :-)

    please keep us updated on how things go over the next couple of weeks


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