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    Im turning 24 years old this year but unfortunately my breasts are still size AA in bras!! I would like to get breast implants done but im scared of the anaesthetic never actually been put under before!!

    Could anybody tell me what it feels like when it has been put through the drip for example do you feel yourself going to sleep??

    Could anybody tell me aswell if you just wake up as quick as falling to sleep??

    Kind Regards,


    suzy 2

    I’m 2 days post OP and was terrified of being put to sleep, was having panick attacks the week before as I’d never had an operation before. I was that close to jumping off the operation bed but they act so quickly once you lay down and are so reassuring. I felt a little dizzy and whithin seconds I was drifting off and before I knew it I was awake. felt like I’d just closed my eyes but I’d been under for nearly 3hrs! Honestly dont be frightened, I’m so happy that I went through with it. I felt a little sick after the anesthetic but was given a sickness tablet and was fine after that x

    Laura 17

    Hiya I had my op last Tuesday and they put the needle in my hand gave me something to calm me down said I wouldn’t be going to sleep till I was in the other room but I literally just remember her saying this is just to call you down then I remember nothing at all haha

    Kristy 44

    I’m 8 days post op, I’ll tell you my experience.

    I met my anesthetist before the surgery, I imagine you will too. She was so lovely.

    I walked to the operating theatre, it was light and airy. I was asked to sit up on the table. It unnerved me as it has these bits and straps for your arms. During surgery involving breast implants being put in, the surgeon may sit you up using the table. These bits are for supporting your arms whilst your sat up. But you don’t need to worry about that, you won’t need to put your arms into them.

    A kind lady helped me get comfortable on the table, adjusting a pillow beneath my head. I thought I’d be fine because I used to be a nurse but I felt myself becoming a bit emotional. The aneasthetist put the cannula in and I genuinely did not feel a thing. She was great.

    I said “actually I have a question and I know it’s so stupid because I used to be a nurse” and immediately the kind lady and lovely anesthetist had stopped what they were doing and were tending to me. “Its so stupid but how can you tell if I’m awake but can not move?”

    The anesthetist explained what she monitored. I took a deep breath and said “ok, thankyou”

    A few minutes later she told me I’d start to feel sleepy. I felt a cold rush into my hand and I didn’t feel immediately sleepy but maybe it took 30 seconds? I know I enjoyed the feeling and it was complete lights out. The operation took a few hours but it may as well have been 1 minute. You genuinely aren’t aware of anything, even time passing.

    I have a brief memory of a voice saying boobs and the kind anesthetist walking away. I remember feeling incoherent and giving up speaking during that memory to instead go back to sleep.

    Honestly, the best sleep ever. I woke up properly maybe 30 minutes later in my hospital room when the nurse offered me a painkiller.

    I did get super nauseous afterwards, the anti sickness med sorted that out for me but dairy made it worse so I avoided that for a while afterwards.

    You’ll be great and you will be so we’ll looked after. It’s the best decision I ever made and I wish I could have brought my nurse home with me xx

    Alice 4

    I was utterly terrified after watching a stupid film about being awake during anaesthetic.
    I met my anaesthetist before my surgery and they explained everything to me. About half an hour later they came back up to get me but I was so nervous I needed a wee so they patiently waited for me and then I walked down with them. I sat on the operating table, and lied down. They put a really warm blanket over me and the anaesthetist put the cannula in my arm 🙂 we were talking about my work and then I remember saying to the anaesthetist “oh my face feels fuzzy”, after that I was zonked right out, I don’t remember a thing and I felt like it had only been fifteen minutes.
    Please don’t worry about it, it was actually quite a pleasant surreal experience haha!!


    Hi thank you suzy, laura, kristy and alice for commenting quickly much appreciated!! I havent had to be put to sleep before and it just scares me thinking how do they know im asleep or what if I wake up during surgery!!

    How did you all come to the decision on your implant size?????

    Lol 4

    I had mine done Thursday and I was absolutely petrified as I’ve never been put to sleep before!

    The anaesthetist came to see me before and explained evrerything and I told him how nervous I was and he was so lovely and put me at ease.

    When they came to collect me I walked up to theatre and was put in a little side room with my blanket and pillow on a bed and then a lady opened some doors and said we are ready so I got off the bed and walked to the door of the theatre and as I got there my surgeon came at the same time and he lit his hand on my back to reassure me and I said please look after to me to which he responded we have some music on and remember all of these people are here to look after you.

    I lay on the bed and a lovely lady strapped me to the blood pressure monitor and all of the other machines whilst the anaesthetist put the cannula in my head which didn’t hurt one bit then he gave me something to calm me down and within seconds I felt so relaxed. The lovely lady was holding my hand whilst this was happening and then she held an oxygen mask over my mouth and told me to take a deep breath next thing I know I heard a man say something about awake. I opened my eyes thinking I was back in the first room and I asked the man if it was done and he said yes all done you’re in recovery. I couldn’t believe how quick it was. It literally felt like I closed my eyes for a second. It’s honestly worth it so much x

    Kristy 44

    @xxchelseaxx I describe my implant decision as a wedding dress moment. I knew implants looked different on women with different bra band sizes so I would really only get the best idea by trying implants on. So I hadn’t really given much thought to what I wanted before I met with the surgeon.

    We started with 350cc and I tried them all on up until 400cc when I looked in the mirror and was speechless. It was a wedding dress moment. 400cc was the one for me. They made me feel beautiful and love my whole body. That’s how I knew xx

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