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    Hey everyone, I’ve been put with Dr Fiumara for a boob job, and met her a few days ago. She seems really lovely, but I can’t find much on here about her. I was just wondering if anyone could share their experienceswith her? Or have any photos of her work? Especially any under muscle implants. Thank you 🙂

    Imogen (@icrlm) 154

    Hey. I’ve accepted your friendship request and have some pictures to view. I’ve also got an instrsgsm page which you’re welcome to follow just send me a message so I know it’s you.


    Hi, I have also met with Dr fiumara and I’m also looking for moe information about her.

    Fern 24

    Hi Pixie, I’m having my surgery with Dr Fiumara on 5 june! 400cc/350-375 unders. I got matched with her as I wanted a natural look and its something she specialises in 🙂 Your PC should be able to send you pictures of her previous surgeries if you ask x

    Peggy 25

    Hi girls,
    I am also interested in her work and feel from what I have researched so far that she would be my initial thought for choice of surgeon with Mya. How have you found the whole experience with both ms.fiumara and mya with check ups and follow ups? I have been researching Kazazzi as heard he works wonders for natural look but isn’t london based which I would prefer, as well as Dr Allen Rezai on Harley st, and have heard very good feedback about yearly follow ups and general aftercare. Such a hard choice!!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences!


    Hi all ????
    I’ve just created my account so please excuse how empty it is! I am considering having breast augmentation and I had my first consultation yesterday in Cardiff. My consultant has recommended that I have my surgery with Dr Linda Fiumara and I can’t seem to find much information on her. If there is anyone that has had their surgery with Dr Fiumara that could help me with their advice/opinion/progress and everything! I would really appreciate it. So far on my instagram I have managed to find a few MYA girls that have messaged me with details and info. But it would be really great speaking to patients that has actually had surgery with the same Dr ???? Any information would really help please xx

    Emily 4

    Hey all! I had surgery with the lovely Dr Fiumara on Monday (25th sept) and she was incredibly detailed and thorough! She spent ages pre surgery looking at me and doing final drawings and making sure I was 100% happy. She made me feel calm and gave me a fantastically natural look! I am on recovery day 2 and they are looking great so far! She’s amazing for the natural look! I had 425 and 450 unders round high profile. I am size 10 and quite tall – 5ft 10. Hope this helps! Xxx

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