any ideas what size i might get offered from mr singh? Started by: roxiexx

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    im a flat 34a size 10 not much tissue and i want unders, whats the biggest size implants you girls have been offered from mr singh ?x

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    i got offered a max of 300 unders but 460 overs, so i went with the 460 overs, i too didnt have a lot of breast tissue to start with as i was a 30A xx


    i got offered 300 unders from russo so im going to mr sing to c if he will offer me more. i dont mind having overs i want a fake lool but not too fake. im 5ft5 size 6-8 any ideas if he will offer me overs


    I’m havin 525s with Singh 22nd feb, size 6-8 5ft 3 got 300s in at mo x


    I first saw mr fallahdar and he only offered 340 unders which really disappointed me; so saw mr Singh and he’s offered me 410 oversands I’m thrilled. I’m basically flat (32aa) 5.7 size 6 on top. Xx


    I was 32a and offered 460 max x


    hi girls im a 32a/b but im really saggy so have loose skin as went up to an e cup carrying milk whilst pregnant would i have to have overs or unders? xx

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