Any one who is at highgate on the 16th September from Nottingham traving back home on the 17th Started by: vodkababe

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    I need to get a lift back the day after my operation is their anyone traveling back to Nottingham on the 17th. I will give you money towards petrol. I.m so worried I will ahve to cancel my operation if I cant get a lift. It has took me three years to beable to book it.


    The 17th of September incase waht I wrote was not clear please someone help me.


    Thats a shame Im from Nottingham but im going to manchester clinic on the 4th. Hope you manage to find someone it can be a pain getting a lift x


    Thanks for replying anyway and good luck with the op exciting now aint it not long. x

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    hi im from nottingham aswell and going to highgate as a daycase, i dont kno wat to do about gettin bk either because no1s comin with me at the moment.. but i havnt booked a date yet! let us kno what u end up doing.x


    Right well first off I have realised that I probably wont be able to be a day case as no one is coming with me and you need to have someone with you for the 24 hours after your op. Now I was wondering if you booked on the same day as me would we be able to be each others companion to look out for each other and make sure we are o.k just an idea. I know this may not end up happening because you may not want to go on the same date as me but if you did then maybe we could travel down together by train and get a taxi back by Nottingham cars they cost


    Hey girls! I’m from Nottingham too and I wish I could help but I can’t! Instead of getting a train back, what about getting a coach? Is that a possibility? It’s still classed as public transport but it’s not exactly a train or anything. Just a thought for you 🙂 xxx

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