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  • Elle 10

    Hi guys
    So I am 11 days post op! Love love love my new boobies!!
    I stopped taking my codine 8 days ago because I didn’t like how they made me feel and didn’t really need them!
    However I am still feeling very spaced out and pretty sicky!
    Has anyone else experienced this as far as 11 days P.O.?
    Starting to get a little freaked out!!

    Elle 10


    Emma Louise 23

    Hi Ellie I’m 9 days post op don’t feel spaced out but feel more tired than I usually do. Can’t seem to get out of the lazy sitting about because of the recovering. I wasn’t in much pain and found it easy to cope but that is what worrys me because my journey have been easy so far so I haven’t got an excuse!! Xx

    Elle 10

    I think it must be the not sleeping and still having the Codine in our system! Also the aftermath of the anesthetic!! Don’t feel guilty hun make the most of it xxx

    Kirsty 37

    I stopped my codeine pretty quickly but I think it’s just the build up of the anaesthetic in your system that makes you feel spaced out still. As for the sicky feeling, I found that I had that because of the antibiotics, once I stopped taking them after the course was finished, I felt much better

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