anyone had breast enlargement with tubular breast? Started by: laineyjk

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    Hi laineyjk,

    Not sure which clinic you’re visiting but I had a consultation at the London one last week. I am looking to have an uplift with an augmentation and when they showed me some pictures of some of the operations they had done there was an absolutely fantastic example of a woman who had tubular breasts corrected in the album.

    Obviously it will depend on your individual circumstances but I must say, it really was one of the best results in the whole book. They started off as quite severely tubular but the finished result was amazingly natural, I couldn’t even tell that they were implants! The PC explained to me that this is one of the most difficult procedures to complete but to be honest, seeing that one photo really raised my confidence in the ability of MYA because if that’s the most difficult one to do, then they’ve certainly done it really well!

    I am really worried myself because even though my breasts aren’t strictly ‘tubular’ they are rather hollow in the top portion all the weight is concentrated in the bottom of the breast. I actually ended up getting really emotional at the consultation because I am unsure whether they will really be able to help my current situation. That is when my PC showed me the example of the case I mentioned above in order to ease my mind by showing me what can be achieved.

    Try having a look on the internet and also researching the condition in general, and requesting to speak to surgeons who have already carried out such operations. I am not sure but also some places are able to put you in touch with patients who have undergone similar procedures. Perhaps you could ask if this is possible.

    I wish you all the best of luck!!


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    hi thanks for replying i dont have tubular breast its just they are shaped like tubular sorry i should of stated that butlike you they are more shaped at the ends


    Hi i had my consultation with my pc and mr singh today he recommended 525cc overs which i am pleased with im currently a 38aa so big difference only thing is he told me i have tubular breast shape and just wondered what the op was like after this and the results as he said that he would have to score the breast tissue in order for the implant to take shape and sometimes you could produce a indentation but im worried now as this put me off a bit to be honest

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