Anyone had labiaplasty and hoodectomy, dr Ibrahiem? Started by: Sinead

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  • Sinead

    Kurt wondering who has had labiaplasty and hoodectomy with dr Ibrahiem. How can I have a look at some before and after photos? As it’s very personal I know. But I really want to see his before results aswell as after? As I would be traveling over to the UK for the consultation. I’m wanting a price range? Would anyone serious recommend him? Or have you seen other DV specialist that look good?


    If anyone has any photos the can send over of. Before and after I’d be so grateful! Just a scary thought but something I’ve wanted to do from such a young age! I’m now 24 years old. Feel free to add me on here or inbox me please!

    Ribena 4

    Dr Ibrehiem is the best not cheap but the best! U can see before and after photos if u go to a clinic and see a pc for a consultation x

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