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  • Sarah 2

    Hello everyone, I am due to have a breast lift in about a week but I don’t have anyone to pick me up after. At my consultation I was told this may be an issue but has been done if I sign a disclaimer. Today I had an appointment with a nurse and she was very strict about having someone there to pick me up. She said she will look into it because I explained noone was aware I was having this surgery. I come from a very conservative family and telling them is not on the cards. I don’t have much friends so I am in a difficult situation. My question is has anyone had a one night stay breast lift and been able to leave the hospital.


    Zahra 14

    I totally understand you .. honestly I moved to the uk from Ireland and it’s hard making friends luckily my husband is going to drop me and my sister Inlaw would pick me up in the morning which is very kind of her .. I hope you find someone soon .. maybe speak to your family and see what they say ? X

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