Anyone out there having 400cc overs with Dr Fiumara? Started by: Roz

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  • Roz 3

    Hi all,

    I’m booked in with Dr Fiumara on the 16th May – very nervous and excited but wondered if I should be going bigger! She has suggested 400cc overs for my size frame and chest strength. Anyone else used or going to be using her as a surgeon?


    Hey Hun I had 400 overs with her yesterday she is lovely I look quite swollen so can’t really tell what they look like at the moment but it was a lovely experience no need to be nervous at all x

    Roz 3

    Hi Jess,

    Thanks for replying. That’s so good to know. I went and saw her again today and I tried on the 400cc which felt good. I hope you are recovering well. It will be great to follow your progress. I just want to have them now!!! Thanks for sharing makes me feel so much better about it all xx

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