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    I’m 9 days post opp, I had 350cc dual plane high profile. My left breast is healing nicely but my right is really hurting me.

    It’s swollen and I’m wearing a compression band but it’s aching muscles in my neck back and arm that’s it’s so uncomfortable.

    Anyone had this or any advice

    soph 11

    Hey – my neck and back honestly made me want to scream.. as the days go on it does get better even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time! Xx


    I am having the worst time ever. I’m only 4 days PO but the pain and the fact I have 0 independence has been so horrible all I do is cry 😩 x


    This is good to know, my right side is awful, feel like someone is stretching a muscle in my back/neck and my arm aches, how long after do yours go!? xx

    Pink chick 22

    Oh no girls, that’s sounds rough. I am hsving my op on 3rd Feb and maybe not being realistic as to what I am expecting post op. I was expecting to be up and about and driving within a day or 2.
    I hope you feel better soon.

    Shannon 17

    Pink chick-I couldn’t even get out of bed on my own until day 5 so prepare yourself. You won’t be driving in 2 days xx

    Emma 2

    Kerry I would advise taking band off and sliding two pairs fluffy thick socks on then put breast band back on honestly it works wonders its alot more comfortable my nurse thought I brought a new band until I told her what I done 😂🙈 obviously you need cut the toe part off to be able slide them on xxx

    Pink chick 22

    Hey girls, are you doing any better? I had my op yesterday and not doing too bad. Maybe the worst is still to come but up and about and driving today. Regular painkillers seems to be keeping on top of the pain. Right one is a good bit sorer than the left with a big bruise in it’s way.

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