Are sunbeds safe if i cover my scars? Started by: loulou789

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    I’m going on holiday in July and dont want to be pastey pale, so want to go on some sunbeds. Is this safe though, or should i steer clear? xx


    Yeah as long as you’ve got the scars covered. You’ll have some funny tan lines but it’s like brand new baby skin, you’ve got to look after it.

    Even when you go away in July chick put full sun block on your scars. That way they’re fully protected and they won’t discolour :)

    Happy tanning!



    I’m in the same boat as u hun, I think aslong as the scars are covered it shudnt be a problem, a lot of girls have used them a wee or two after their op. I’ll be doing the same I want a tan ready for my holidays! I was told to cover my scars for a year from sunlight and to make sure the bikini’s I buy cover them completely. So what’s the difference with sunbeds? Don’t worry :) just be careful on them and don’t have too many minutes u don’t want to burn ur new boobies x x x


    Your new stretched skin over yours boobs will be sensitive too. So just watch what you doing for the first few sunbeds. As long as you take care you’ll be fine. You know your body :)

    Agreed about the years thing brunette. If you expose them to sunlight, your scars can discolour and once that happens theres no going back.

    Better to be safe than sorry eh



    thanks ladies! What do u rekon i should use to cover them?

    I was wondering about bikinis, most should cover though shouldn’t they? xx


    oh btw im two weeks now, so you rekon im ok to go on? Still got pain in the left boob though, so maybe i should wait another week, let them calm a bit? x

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    I’m 2.5 weeks now and been twice now :) always in bikini top and put high factor on my boobies too x


    i was told 6 weeks :)

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    What do you suggest to protect the scar? I hate having brown body and white boobies.. especially as they are quite round atm they’ll look like headlights! ha!

    Im 2 weeks PO.. any ideas what I can use to cover the scar? Should I put sun cream on the boobs to tan them on sunbed? Or is that a blonde question???? ha! x

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    you are not supposed to use sun cream on sun beds. it does not protect you like it does in the sun. I have been on twice but am scared to go back on. The first two times i left my sports bra on and just pulled down the straps but i think i might go on the lie down ones so i can put socks or a towel over my scars/boobs. Someone suggested putting plasters over the scars too. I am in the same boat as you and am very unsure xxxxx

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