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    Hello ladies! I am scheduled for BA in August and am going round and round about incision sites. I went into my consult with Dr. Singh sure that I wanted the areola incision but the PS told me that scaring could be worse. I scar badly even when I cut my legs shaving so it is a big concern. I have been told by others that the areola incision blends in after a few months. Does anyone have any thought, opinions, advice on this? Also, I went to the Harley Medical clinic for a consult to have 2 opinions and the PS there insisted I needed an uplift, Dr. Singh said that I didn’t. So confused…. Thanks!

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    If i were you i’d have a 3rd opinion hun about whether or not you need an uplift, you dont have to necessary go with that particular clinic but it would put your mind at rest, what’s your thought’s on an uplift? Do you think you need one?
    A friend of mine had a re-op due to the fact her surgeon didnt think she needed an uplift, im sure thats something you’d want to avoid…She initally had a BA then 4 months later an uplift to achieve the look she originally told her surgeon she wanted!!

    Can i ask why you want the areola incision? I personally agree with your PS about the scaring being worse although It is a personal preference…. i like the idea of my scars being hidden!

    I havent had my BA yet… but only 2 days to go!! There is so much to consider isnt there!!

    Good Luck in whatever you decide

    Kerry xx


    hi lysadoll, sometimes if the patient is not in need of too high an uplift, its possible to use high profile and slightly larger implant to achieve an uplifted look, so may be your surgeon thinks thats the case with you. i think kerry is right you should get a third opinion from another company like transform or even another surgeon like mr adamo at mya and see what he thinks. as for areola incision, i think your scar would be far more obvious! but it is a personal choice, if i was you i wouldnt choose that as i dont want to risk the blending idea, it more risky to have the scar where you can clearly see it! also get bio oil after surgery (after a few weeks) as that helps with scar fading…..hope this helps. xx

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