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  • Becky 5

    Hi girls do any of you have asthma and has it caused you problems under general anaesthetic? Im really worried about mine now and if it will flare up! I didnt realise it could cause such a problem until i did some research on it. Any advice???

    Jen 7

    I have a few health problems which I didn’t think I was gonna get mine done
    I also have asthma not that bad but it didn’t cause a problem they just told me to take my inhaler down to surgery with me.
    When I did wake up I had oxygen on(but I don’t really like it)
    I remember saying I couldn’t breath and straight away she just gave a few puffs of my inhaler and I was fine
    You will just have to see what they say at your pre op
    Can’t see it being a problem and they are very professional
    Good luck xx

    Becky 5

    When you say you couldnt breathe do you feel like it was your asthma about to flare up? I saw online the tube can trigger an asthma attack so now im so worried. I dont use my inhaler loads but i would never go out without having it on me just incase. My pre op is this week but with asthma its one of those things you cant predict if it will be bad or not and thats what makes me worry x


    I have asthma and they told me to take my inhaler prior to surgery. Something to do with your breathing is slowed down during surgery so afterwards my oxygen was low, but I was fine I just took my inhalers as normal once I come off oxygen. Most people need oxygen tho so the nurse told me I just had to have it longer – hope this helps xx

    13 2

    I have asthma and mine is very unpredictable, told me op was fine to go ahead with as long as they know what medications your on they can deal with it ! As others have said just take your inhaler down with you .

    Jen 7

    No think it was more the oxygen
    I take my brown one morning and night and hardly ever take my blue very rare
    I suffered a stroke 10years ago and they were nearly not gonna let me have it…
    I actually didn’t find out if it was going ahead untill the Thursday afternoon my op was sat
    Let us know what they say
    Good luck xx

    Megan 18

    Hi love, I’m a theatre nurse and I often assist in patients getting out under anaesthetic. Asthma is so so common but I have never seen anyone’s asthma flare up due to anaesthetic. They like you to bring your inhaler with you and take a few puffs beforehand but Iv never seen or heard of any issues.
    If you’re still concerned just think if it this way, if the tube DID trigger an asthma attack the tube would already be in place and holding open your airways so you could still breathe xx

    Gemma 3

    I have quite bad asthma and had my op in October, they asked me to take my inhaler to surgery and take 2 puffs before the anethestic and I had no problems x

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