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  • Kate L 16

    Ive been researching and am booked in for pre surgery consultation.. ive had some consultation so far. Im more worried if it is the right option. I have one labia hanging lower than the other picture doesnt show it that well .. im concerned about the level of scarring after labiaplasty leaves behind and wether i will regret it looking at a scar.
    I Hate it as it is and wondering what actual people have been left with. Not just the fancy pictures they put in the brochure. Thanks first post so let me know if its wrong xx

    Kate L 16

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    Ok just working this thing out .. now attached xx

    louise 3

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    Hi Kate,

    I’m now 5 weeks post op and I really wouldn’t worry about the scarring at all. You will be shown at your consultation but how dr.ibraheim does the surgery (wedge technique) it just looks like the natural texture of the labia if that makes sense suppose you could use the words wrinkle or fold.

    I haven’t once regretted my decision to have this surgery and honestly wouldn’t go to any other surgeon he truly is the best person to go too. I couldn’t believe my results from half an hour after surgery and even during recovery when obviously the area would be at its worst I was still amazed at how it looked especially after looking at other people post surgery images on real self (cosmetic surgery information app)

    Good luck! Hope you get the desired look you are going for 🙂

    Amy 1

    Hi Kate, iv just got home from my labiaplasty surgery today (had the procedure in London fitzroy) and can already see there will be minimal scaring and the incisions and stitches are so small ???? as Louise stated the method used is really good and natural looking… Good luck you won’t regret it xx

    Steph 9

    Wow. If I looked like you, I wouldn’t need corrective surgery!

    Sorry, I have no advice, just searching as I’m considering surgery, myself xx

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