Asymmetric Breast Crease? Started by: Alice

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  • Alice 4

    I’ve been told by my surgeon I have asymmetric heights in regards to the breast fold. My right sits about half a cm to a cm higher than the other.
    Other than this they are roughly the same size (sisters not twins ?)
    Does anyone know if the assymetry in the fold will be really noticeable after they’re done? Has anyone else had this?
    Thank you 🙂

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    Louise 20

    There have been posts about surgeons creating creases… Try using the search tab as there are lots of pics too and they look great ?

    Mimi 44

    Hi Alice i had this!! One of mine sat higher than the other I asked my surgeon to lower one of my creases with my incisions which he has done I am now 2wpo and they look great! X

    Alice 4

    Ah thank you Mimi! I’m glad you’re happy with them 🙂
    Thank you Louise, I’ve had a look but can’t find any picture posts 🙂

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