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    Hi girls I’ve spoke to my pc and been told when I see the surgeon the prices will have increased to £5300 for a ba I really can’t afford deposits so looking to pay it straight off upfront using either a loan or credit card

    has anyone done it through balance transfers as they are 0% interest free I’ve been looking as its best option for me as I need low monthly repayments! If so what company’s? Also my pc said tesco loans are good too anyone who’s clued up about it all lol would love your help please 🙂

    can afford to be paying between £80 and £110 back a month comfortably just worried about credit ratings etc. cheers girls xxxxxx

    Rachel 10

    Hey honey. I’m in a similar position to you I reckon I will have saved a small amount but will need to finance the rest. Best thing to do is get a credit card offering u 0% on purchases for the longest time that’s if u don’t wanna go thru finance with mya. Best card at the min for that is tesco. They offer 0% for 21 months on new purchases. Get the card nearer to time of the opp cos that 0% starts the second u get the card. Hope this all makes sense. Xx

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