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    Well ladies yesterday I had my op and I have to say I know already I will have no regrets. This has been something I have wanted for years and it’s worth every penny. Just thought I would post as this forum helped me so much!!
    Going in on the day I wasn’t to nervous more excited, I’ve been waiting so long just wanted boobies???? I arrived at 2 o’clock and before I knew it I was down in theatre for 3.30, didn’t get a chance to over think. The anthestive Ann was amazing she made me feel so at eas. I had a few complications with my bloody pressure was way to low and I was shaking like crazy. Turns out I have rynards disease where your always so cold and just being in those awful paper pants (that look like a nappy) and a backless gown with nerves didn’t help. But even so after having to opinions to check me over, (how theougher) they went ahead. Before I knew it I was in recovery room talking a lot of shit that I don’t even remember haha! Once they had finally warmed me up they took me back to my room. Nurses came in every 20 mins to check me over. Then before I knew it I was allowed to go home at 9.40.
    I would honestly say it’s more discomfort then pain getting used to using your tummy muscles instead to do things. I’ve not really had any sleep if I’m honest I’m finding this sleeping up right hard already! Keeping my painkillers going every 4 hours to keep the pain away. But even so I would defo say to anyone who is thinking of having it done it’s the best thing I’ve done already and I’m 1DPO. I had a look before they put my Macom bra on and I have beautiful boobs!!! I had dr traynor, chose 325cc over the muscle as I wanted a natural look. I couldn’t fault Mya one bit all the staff everyone was amazing so so happy! I’ve not managed to get any proper pics yet but as soon as I do I will upload. So if anyone is worrying you are in very very safe hads!!xx good luck ladies

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